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12 June 2011
Haddenham Petsitting believes in supporting local events and the local community. In line with this we will be sponsoring a barrel of beer at the upcoming Wilburton Beer Festival, 18-19 June 2011. The festival raises money for various local charities and groups, and since 1998 has donated over 30,000 to local organisations ranging from local theatre groups to local hospices. For more information please click here. See you there on Saturday!!

11 June 2011
portia_page2portia_page1portiaHaddenham Petsitting now sponsors a greyhound called Portia, in memory of Buffy Harding. Portia is resident at Kama's Cave, the East Anglian branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust. Her racing name was Queenies Portia.